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Somatone Interactive is the #1 provider of audio services and technical support in gaming and interactive media since 2003. Our dedicated staff of sound designers, composers, VO producers, and implementation experts have worked on hundreds of game titles, across the mobile, PC, Console, and VR platforms.

Beyond the talent and experience of our creative team, STi has developed our own proprietary asset tracking system, so you can rest assured that all audio requests will be highly organized, delivered on time, and of the upmost quality. The unique combination of creative leadership coupled with water-tight project management is one of the reasons Somatone has become the go-to provider for a long list of Tier-1 publishers. We are a professional, turn-key solution for all your audio needs.


“Nick and his team at Somatone have done amazing work for us on Vainglory, and make Somatone the go-to shop for game audio.”
Bo Daly – CEO, Superevil Mega Corporation

“Just want to inform you that the team really enjoyed your audio production on this game, Great Job! Everything is approved and there shouldn’t be any modifications needed. Thank you for all your help, you guys nailed it!”

Stefany Cantin – Frima Studios

“Somatone’s work for Discord is great for our brand and the community loves it too. A few people even made remixes with our disconnect SFX. The team there knows how to listen, iterate, and deliver quality stuff on time with competitive rates.”

Jason Citron – Founder/CEO of Hammer & Chisel, makers of Discord

“The audio on Sugar Smash is exactly what we’re looking for and hits all of the right notes.  This is the level of quality we have learned to expect from the Somatone team –pure excellence! As always, thanks for all of your awesome work on this project.”

Jordy Wells – SGN

“I wanted to tell you that our entire team is always very pleased to see the quality that you deliver. The deliveries are always very very clean! Please pass the good word to your Sound Editor. The acting is superior to what we are used to getting. Good job guys! Keep up the good work!”

Mathieu Vachon – Gameloft

“When the schedule’s tight and the quality has to be extremely high, not to mention at a reasonable cost, Nick Thomas and Somatone will get it done. Nick and Somatone will do whatever it takes to make sure the final product sounds awesome. They are fun, easy-going guys and very personable as well. I highly recommend them.”

Doug Rappaport – Sr. Producer Konami USA

“Music and sound effects are as important to our interactive apps as art and animation, and Somatone is the studio we count on! They are truly creative partners and are an integral part of our development process, from prototyping to final production.”

Rex Ishibashi – CEO, Originator

“Somatone Interactive provided us with quality audio assets for Ratchet and Clank on the PS4. With over an hour of cutscene work that needed to include assets from the feature film and be delivered in eighteen different languages, they managed to meet our tight deadlines while assuring that the work met our standards for the highest quality. They also created and integrated assets directly into our audio tools which streamlined our pipeline and helped us to deliver an outstanding product on time. Thank you Somatone!”

Jamie McMenamy – Audio Lead, Insomniac Games

“As a Social Casino developer focused on creating highly engaging slots, we believe audio to be a critically important to the casino experience. When it comes to Music and Sound Design, we hit the Jackpot with Somatone. Not only is the audio we receive consistently at a very high quality level, their Project Managers are super helpful helping us organize our needs and leading the creative process.”

Anton Gauffin – CEO, HUUUGE Games

“There are not many groups that I would hands-down give my production work to. Somatone is such a group. I would HIGHLY recommend Somatone to anyone in the industry looking to put that extra edge on their product.”

Michael Gilmartin – Blizzard Entertainment




With more than 50 years of collective music experience, our full-time music team brings a combination of advanced music degrees, classical music training, and industry expertise to the creative process. We work with many accomplished composers, performers and instrumentalists. Our music services include recording and producing live musicians, ranging from full orchestras to ensembles and live bands.


While great SFX, immersive music and stellar VO performances make up an important part of a great-sounding project, expert implementation and mixing of these assets are vital steps to make everything sound great. Our team has provided complete implementation support on games of all kinds and sizes. With high-level expertise in Unity, fmod, Wwise, and Unreal, Somatone sound designers oversee the entire audio pipeline, from content design to implementation, mixing, and testing.

Sound design

We create customized original sound to set it apart from others in its class. Our talented sound designers have the experience and creativity to develop unique sound assets for each project, based upon upfront collaborative work with clients and ongoing project management.

Voice Production

We draw from a diverse portfolio of union and non-union talent with script-specific auditions, not pre-fab demos, to select voice actors who perfectly fit character roles. We regularly direct live VO sessions in our own recording studios and provide all-inclusive rates on talent and production—including casting, directing, recording, editing and mastering— making voice production as affordable as possible while adhering to high quality standards.

Trailers & Cutscenes

In addition to in-game content, Somatone has a world class linear audio production team experienced in narrative music, Sound Design to picture, Foley, and 5.1 mixing. From short 30-second trailers to hours of in-game cutscene work, we provide top notch audio post production services.

Dolby Audio

Somatone has partnered with Dolby Laboratories, the world’s leader in audio innovation, to introduce Dolby Audio technology to mobile developers and publishers. Through this groundbreaking partnership, we can offer our clients a significant advancement in mobile sound quality and new opportunities to dramatically enhance games with sound. With the integration of Dolby’s breakthrough technology, Somatone offers assets and/or full game mixes custom-designed to maximize the benefits of Dolby Audio.


Somatone’s technical expertise include industry standard middleware technologies, and beyond. From haptic design services and dolby audio processing, to Wwise, fMod, Unity, Unreal, we understand that content is only as good as the technology which enables it.



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The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed
Electronic Arts
Field Runners 2
Subatomic Studios
Marvel Heroes
Farmville 2
World of Tanks
Panda Jam
D&D: Arena of War
Asphalt 7
Modern War
Bejeweled Skies
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Empires and Allies
Dragon Story
War Dragons
Ratchet and Clank - PS4
Call of Duty: Heroes
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Book of Life: Sugar Smash
League of Legends
Delicious Games
Delicious - Emily's New Beginning
Blue Giraffe
Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus Audio
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Insomniac Games
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Star Wars Galactic Defense
Star Wars - Tower Defense
Protocol Zero
SkyBox Labs
View-Master: Space
Blueprint Gaming
Poker Heroes
Fat Rascal
Peak Games
BierZerkers Sheildbreak
Loot & Legends
Juice Jam
Civilization Online
2K/XL Games
Lords of the Fallen
CI Games
Endless Wordplay
Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty
Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.
Fates Forever
Hammer & Chisel
Alien Rage Audio Design
Alien Rage
CI Games
The Simpsons Tapped Out
Super Battle Tactics: Transformers
Storm 8
Panda Pop
Duck Dynasty Slots Audio Design
Duck Dynasty Slots
DC Comics Legends
WB Games
Jackpot Slots Audio and Sound Design
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