Somatone brings game trailer audio within reach!

A game trailer lets you connect with your audience on a level that an app description can’t – with the right trailer, you can really show your players to what makes your game unique: mechanics, narrative, design, and, of course, sound. With Somatone’s flat-rate game trailer pricing, making your next game’s trailer sound fantastic is within reach. Read More


Spotlight on Valve: A Conversation with Mike Morasky

First, an introduction from Adam Levenson about working with Valve’s Music Guru Mike Morasky:

“Mike and I sat down for coffee at the Valve booth way back at GameSoundCon in 2012 to talk about Valve’s brilliant music marketplace idea for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  Valve had already attracted mainstream media attention with their bustling Workshop economy for community generated art assets, and music seemed like the logical next step. We then spent many months working together to craft a Workshop agreement that would fit for professional and celebrity composers, bands, and musicians.  We crossed our fingers when the first set of music kits were finally available for purchase in the fall of 2014. Read More


Dolby Audio: Offering a new sound experience for mobile games

By Jennifer Walden, Post Magazine, May 2015

11Most new Android devices are already equipped with Dolby Audio ( (supporting Dolby Digital Plus), and Android game developers can take advantage of those built-in Dolby audio-processing components to noticeably improve their game’s sound experience. And best of all, they can do it for free with Dolby Audio API for Android. To help explain how game developers and audio pros can use and benefit from Dolby Audio, Somatone Interactive’s ( chief operating officer Adam Levenson sheds some light on mobile game audio and answers key questions about Dolby Audio. Read More


Dolby Laboratories & Somatone Join Forces

Dolby Laboratories and Somatone Interactive Join Forces Bringing Enhanced Audio Quality to Mobile Developers and Publishers Worldwide with Dolby Audio

In a move that will bring enhanced audio quality to mobile game developers and publishers, Dolby Laboratories, the world leader in audio innovation, joins forces with the industry’s most experienced sound provider, Somatone Interactive, to significantly advance the mobile game experience with Dolby Audio™. Read More