Dolby Audio: Offering a new sound experience for mobile games

By Jennifer Walden, Post Magazine, May 2015

11Most new Android devices are already equipped with Dolby Audio ( (supporting Dolby Digital Plus), and Android game developers can take advantage of those built-in Dolby audio-processing components to noticeably improve their game’s sound experience. And best of all, they can do it for free with Dolby Audio API for Android. To help explain how game developers and audio pros can use and benefit from Dolby Audio, Somatone Interactive’s ( chief operating officer Adam Levenson sheds some light on mobile game audio and answers key questions about Dolby Audio. Read More


Weapon Sound Design for ‘Sci-Fi Shooters’

As published recently in Audio Pro International

Sci-fi weapon sound design is the subject for the next installment of our Game Audio column, in partnership with Somatone Interactive.

This month, executive director Michael Bross and senior sound designer Eric Van Amerongen team up to share their insights into the creative process for this particular gaming genre from their respective positions. Read More


How To Lead A Creative Kick-Off Meeting

One of the most daunting stages in the collaborative process relates to how and where to start with the creative and logistical partnership with a game developer or publisher.

Approaching a new game or, even more so, jumping in on a live product, can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. We have participated in more than a few meetings with game developers, producers, game designers, programmers, and creative directors wherein time was spent in discussions, but at the end of the call, we are no closer to understanding what is needed, or what the vision for the game is. This phenomenon birthed an approach for us that works well for all stakeholders in the project. Read More

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