Dale Crowley
Dale Crowley Creative Director

Dale is a veteran of the video game industry with over 20 years experience in all aspects of video game production.  His focus over the past 13 years has been on game audio, working on hundreds of games over that time span.

As Creative Director at Somatone, he collaborates with sound designers and composers while integrating audio solutions including ELIAS, WWISE, FMOD and Fabric.

As Managing Editor of Designing Music NOW, which is a not for profit venture, he has an opportunity to give back to the game audio community by writing and publishing articles on the subject.

Prior to focusing on game audio, Dale developed video games for Disney, Sony, THQ, Electronic Arts, ESPN, FOX Sports and Mattel to name a few. During that time, Dale was a pioneer of mobile games, having developed the very first mobile versions of Bejeweled, Civilization and Tetris.

He has been both a panel and a keynote speaker at the GDC, Game Sound Con and E3.  He has also appeared on CNN Headline News discussing video games.

Dale holds a degree in Physics has a strong technical background in programming. He has traveled the world gathering influences of music from China, South East Asia, and Europe. On those travels, he even lived as a Zen Buddhist Monk in China for several years.  He has a degree in Physics from Purdue University, has worked on satellite technology at General Electric Aerospace, and has done high energy particle physics research at Stanford Linear Accelerator.

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