Somatone VO Audition Pool Submissions

At Somatone we work as a third-party audio post house for a variety of interactive media companies. Every week we are contracted to record new VO for clients, so we are always looking for new talent.

Generally the process is: we receive a sample script from the client, we send that out to our talent pool, and return those auditions within 48 hours. Usually the client will select the talent within the next week. If you are selected for the role, then we will record you here at our studio, will find a studio for you to record at, or might be able to use your home recording setup instead. In total, the whole VO process normally takes two weeks.

Before contacting us, please ensure that you have:

1. A VO demo reel (.WAV / .MP3) or a VO website with your past work (personal website, SoundCloud, etc.)
2. A VO resume detailing past acting work (doesn’t have to be strictly video games; film, animation, radio, commercial, audio books, theater experience counts too!)
3. Access to decent recording equipment. Recording on phones, laptop, or headset microphones don’t yield great results.

With the demo files attached, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject titled “VO Audition Pool Submission – [Your Name]”. If you fit our criteria, we’ll be in touch.

For artists with agency representation:
– If you’re already represented by a talent agency in the San Francisco area, then we most likely can’t add you to our pool. We have relationships with most of the agencies in town and regularly send our auditions to them. If you’re not already receiving our auditions, please contact your agent first before contacting us.
– If you’re represented by a talent agency outside of San Francisco, feel free to send us an email! We can easily work directly with you or through your agency if needed.

Other notes:
– Due to our high volume of submissions, unfortunately we are not able to provide critique for auditions submissions.
– Although it is not required, having a decent home recording setup helps your audition stand out from the crowd. This is because it helps our clients have an easier time hearing the nuances in your performance.
– Video game industry clients have different talent rate expectations than film or TV. A large percentage of the work is non-union and clients prefer to “buy-out” talent work with a flat rate.
– Along with recording English and foreign language VO, we record a lot of animal and monster noises. So make sure to brush up on those as well!